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Our Story

Is all about providing you with a world class facility to be the best version of yourself! 



Owner Gary Negley

Hi my name is Gary Negley. Born & raised in Brackenridge, PA. I have always had a knack for fitness and sports. Starting young playing & doing all sports from soccer to karate to basketball, baseball and even exploring into a little boxing as an adult. Although Football was the sport that I fell in love with and excelled at most. Starting at the age of 7 and playing until 18 and a little flag football throughout my 20’s. After going through school and ending my sport’s career I still had a want to be involved in the sports & fitness world. As a teenager I had always had the dream of owning my own gym one day. So as a young adult going through the ups & downs of life, college, jobs and figuring out exactly what I wanted to do. I went back to plan A. Become a personal trainer & aim to open my own fitness center. The dream all start with a pen and a notebook, writing down exactly what I wanted out of this dream and what I visualized. After getting a training certification and training clients out of my parents basement and at local fields, while working for a nutrition store and several gyms I finally was ready to open my first training studio. A little over a year later and 8 years after I first started writing my dreams in that notebook I finally took the leap to open Greatness Athletics Fitness Center. On October 28th 2019 Greatness Athletics Fitness Center was officially open 24 hours a day 365 days a year to all members.